Barefoot Running

If you’ve been running for some time, you might think you already know what you’re doing — you’re just going to do it with your shoes off. But when you’re starting barefoot running, technique is extremely important. You’re not running in shoes…so don’t run like you run in shoes! (Unless you want sore feet and mashed up toes…)

It’s likely that after years of running in shoes, you’ve picked up some bad habits. So forget everything you thought you knew about running, and focus on the barefoot basics:

1. Relax.

2. Keep your torso upright and balanced: no slouching forward.

3. Bend your knees: feel the weight come off your heels.

4. Gently push your hips forward: let them lead the way, not your head or your shoulders.

5. Lift your feet early and quickly: start lifting your feet before you land.

6. Lift the front of your trailing foot: keep your heel down, and avoid pushing off. You want to lift, not push.

7. Move your feet under your centre of balance: don’t wobble side to side.

8. Counterbalance: let your hips rotate with your legs, and your shoulders move in the opposite direction.

9. Swing each leg around from the side: imagine a line stretched out before you, and each foot has to land on that line, one in front of the other. If you were leaving footprints, they’d be in a straight line, not side by side.

10. Keep your head facing forward: pick a spot in the distance and focus on it.

Use your eyes to scan the surface in front of you, but keep going back to that spot.