Brief Introduction to Minimalist Running

Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews – Origins of Minimalist Running

Since the 1970′s when the padded running shoe was introduced into the market, people bought into it like it was going out of style. From that point on there was a big transition into what we now call the conventional style of running shoes.

Until just a few years ago, there was no other kind of running shoe available and everyone just got used to running an walking with extra padding on their feet. The common understanding was that this was the best kind of shoe for their feet and would offer the best protection for feet and legs.

Recently however, this idea has been challenged with emerging evidence on the benefits of minimalist running or barefoot running.

The minimalist running concept was also brought to the public’s attention by Chris Mcdougall’s novel Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen  where Mcdougall actually spent some time in Mexico with the Tarahumara Indian tribe and recorded his experiences with their running style.

While in Mexico, he studied the running style of this tribe who were able to run quickly for hundreds of kilometers with nothing but a pair of sandals.

Benefits of using Minimalist Running Shoes

One of the most common questions we hear at minimalist running shoes reviews regards minimalist running shoes and how they would really help you physically while at the same time reduce the possibility of injury.

Minimalist running shoes are specifically designed with reduced top covering, a less amount of arch support and little to no heel-to-toe drop, it helps the runner shift to a fore or mid-foot landing, instead of landing on the heel which is usually very painful and more prone to foot injury.

Minimalist running shoes are lightweight, flexible with a large toe box which allows your toes to spread upon landing thus developing a more efficient step and shorter running pace which reduces the effect of impact.

The minimalist running approach strengthens your foot muscle tissues and your helps to shape your figure as your entire body becomes gradually conditioned to the new running style.

Research shows that by helping you to imitate the gait of a barefoot sprinter who softly lands on his mid or forefoot, minimalist running shoes will enhance your physical running form, reduce injuries and ultimately improve your running ability faster and more effectively.


Minimalist Running Shoes as a Revolutionary Idea

If you really think about, padded shoes were only recently introduced into the market in the past few decades. From the beginning of time, man has always worn minimal footwear. Our ancestors had always worn minimal footwear or sandals.

Primitive man hundreds of years ago ran, walked, hunted, etc. with little to nothing on their feet for protection, yet their running abilities were pretty similar to the Tarahumara Indians.

Once the padded shoes were introduced into the market, people seemed to believe that this was the best solution for optimal running and reduced injuries.

This change to padded shoes created a new gait or motion in running which was much different from the natural gait of the human body and in reality made the runner more prone to injury.

The concept behind minimalist running is based on the “revolutionary” idea that “less shoe is better” as demonstrated by the Tarahumara Indians. Evidence now shows that minimalist running shoes or barefoot running shoes actually benefit our feet, along with our overall physical health and well-being.

Although Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews recommends trying the transition to the minimalist style for greater benefits please make sure you have checked with your doctor to ensure you have no other physical limitations that would prevent you from making the change. You can find out more information Here about studies on this.

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