Vibram Five Fingers Minimalist Running Shoes Review

Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews Vibram Five Finger Shoes

Minimalist running shoes reviews rated the Vibram five finger shoes as providing an incredible experience of barefoot running giving utmost comfort to feet and ankles. The best thing about them is that unlike other bulky shoes they do not have unnecessary padding which increase the weight of the shoes and make running seem much more like weightlifting with feet.

The exclusive shape and design of the vibram five finger shoes helps in releasing feet from constriction thereby helping in stimulation between the muscles of the feet and joints. The shape and structure of the sole facilitates walking for long distances without feeling any kind of pain in the lower portion of the foot.

The polyamide upper hug helps in developing resistance to abrasion and also helps in deflection of debris on trails. It has extensive shock absorption power with high grip and the microfiber present in the five finger shoes helps in keeping feet dry as well as in prevention of biotic growth inside the shoes. They are available in a range of colors and sizes to choose for your best fit.

Vibram five finger running shoes are also available in different women’s sizes with identical features but slight difference in shape. It is ideal for those who find it difficult to walk in normally padded shoes and have problems related to joints and knee muscles. The best thing about having these pair of shoes is that no other product offers such high quality and features in this price range.


  1. Vibram TC performance rubber sole to enhance grip and provide protection
  2. Anti-microbial microfiber with insole of 2mm EVAWeight- Approximately 114 ozPolyamide and hypalon straps
  3. Vibram sole for added comfort and soft sole for walking or running.
  4. Leather design provides durability and strength with excellent looks.
  5. Machine washable – air dry


  • Vibram five fingers thin Sole provides real barefoot running experience.
  • Relaxing and very easy and comfortable on the feet.
  • Very lightweight and does not feel like you’re dragging weights with foot.
  • Prevents shock and well insulated from debris.
  • Suitable for all ages due to excellent grip and comfortable shape.
  • Provides less tension to the joints and muscles of the foot making it easy to walk around for hours without suffering pain.
  • The anti microbial fibre present inside the shoe prevents the accumulation of bacteria and germs allowing for healthy feet that do not smell bad.
  • Require very little maintenance as they can be easily washed at home and dried.
  • Very pocket friendly and affordable.
  • Strong leather body and vibram sole make it very durable and it can last for years without undergoing any kind of wear or tear.
  • Widely available in versatile range of colors.


  • Will take some time to break in to the new design.
  • May not be the best look depending on your tastes or priorities

Merrell Trail Glove Minimalist Running Shoes Review

Merrell Trail Glove Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews

Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews Rates Merrell Trail Glove Barefoot Running Shoes as all natural barefoot running shoes which provide protection from roots and rocks and offer an excellent transition to the minimalist running style from the conventional running style.

The foot sling of synthetic leather and its super-lightweight upper provide stability and a glove-like fit. Also called minimalist shoes, they allow feet to follow its natural instinct.

Merrell Trail Glove has a great ground feel, durable sole, super light, flexible lacing system and roomy toe box.


1. Breathable microfiber air mesh upper
2. With Merrell Omni-Fit Lacing System which is welded TPU secured
3. Fused rubberized toe bumper
4. Flexible forefoot plates
5. Aegis treated micro-fiber footbed
6. With EVA cushioned midsoles
7. Made of synthetic material


• Can be air dried or washed in gentle cycle of cold water
• Maintains flexibility of forefoot
• Evenly distributes pressure thereby protecting the feet
• Accords a glove-like fit
• Provides stability while running
• Its anti-microbial solution prevents feet odor
• Protects feet from gravel bruises
• Its ball to heal drop keeps one connected to terrain contours


• wear thin socks
• Size runs slightly large

Merrell Trail Glove Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews: 4.9/5

New Balance MX20 Minimus Review

New Balance Minimus MX20 Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews

Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews has rated the New Balance Minimus MX20 as versatile cross training shoes with technical advancement and elegant look. It can be worn with or without socks and is specifically designed to improve the barefoot gym training and circuit workout performance.

The deliberate lace placement and collar design of the New Balance Minimus training shoes ensure to keep your ankle stabilized in an ideal position. This revolutionary athletic footwear offers extreme flexibility and protection across a spectrum of activity from barefoot running to traditional running shoe.

Product Features:

1) Uses Injection Molded EVA(IMEVA) foam in midsole for firm grip yet provides flexible cushioning.
2) A lightweight comfort is provided by upper synthetic/Mesh.
3) Uses rubber insets on outsole, another lightweight enhancement for optimal trction.
4) An antimicrobial treatment is applied on the foot bed as protective measure.
5) Uses a no-sew material, welded seams to prevent chafing and it also reduces weight.
6) The padded collars and foam pads cushioning around the ankle provides a tight fit and snug slipper feel.
7) The available trainer shoe colors-Black + red.

  • Pros:
    •   4mm drop from heel to toe of the New Balance minimus crossfit shoe offers great comfort and support for neutral runners.
    •   Lightweight mesh offers great breathability and flexibility for cross lifting, squatting and heavy workouts.
    •   Odor resistant capacity makes it a unique and ideal training shoe.
    •   Highly durable with stylish look and perfectly fits like a slipper.
    •   Protective and versatile feature that greatly enhances the barefoot-caliber performance in the gym.
    •   Extremely comfortable for gym workout and light running.


          • Often worn with socks decreases the life of the New Balance Minimus MX20 cross trainer shoe. For best result and comfort use them without socks.
          • If wearing socks is essential for crossfit workout, then it is recommended to order a half-size larger trainer shoe.

New Balance Minimus MX20 Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews: 5/5

K Swiss Tubes Minimalist Running Shoes Review

Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews K Swiss Tubes

Looking for a shoe that will definitely transform your runs and jogs in to a comfortable walk in the park? Then K Swiss tubes run 100 women’s running shoe is just what you should be ordering. These shoes are specifically made for running and have amazing features to ensure that your feet are well cushioned, supported and protected from danger.

To add on to the advantages, the k swiss tubes are not only comfortable but they also look good and are bound to fetch you compliments from your colleagues and peers. Designed especially for running, the shoes have good cushioning, are light weight, have pads on the ankle collar and great traction to ensure the runner gets the most efficient workout.

As mentioned earlier, the k swiss tubes have quite a number of features that all synchronize to ensure that your feet are well protected and feel comfortable enough.

Features of the K Swiss tubes run 100 running shoe:

1) Has flex groove patterns on the outside of the shoe
2) Has a synthetic upper that is breathable
3) Has an EVA midsole and AOSTA II rubber as the outsole
4) Has dimensions of 11×7.5×5 inches and weight of 2.5 pounds
5) Has full length cylinders
6) Has padded collars with the Achilles heels notch
7) Has stay-tied laces that can not get undone and trip the runner
8) Look good


  • K swiss tubes provide perfect heel to toe transition for the runner
  • The full length cylinder provide maximum comfortability, support and flexibility to the runner
  • The stay tied laces ensure that the runner does not trip over them while running
  • The synthetic upper allows the foot to stay cool and prevent cases of sweaty moist feet
  • The dimensions and weight make the shoes light enough for running comfortably
  • The flex groove provides good grip making the run a hole lot easier
  • Quite flexible providing adequate support to the feet such that the wearer does not tire quickly
  • Provide maximum support and protection to the feet owing to the padded collars and the Achilles heel n.
  • Very durable giving complete value for the money spent on them
  • Have good pronation control.
  • Cheap and easily found in most stores


  • Can wear out fast if not properly taken care of
  • Available in a limited number of colors
  • Can be uncomfortable if one does not get the correct size
  • The upper is less durable than the sole

With the K Swiss Tubes Run 100 Women’s Running Shoe, all your morning and evening runs are bound to be less tiring and definitely will not result in painful ankles and heels. Even better is that the shoes are also perfect for working environments such as hospitals where one has to spend an awful amount of time on their feet.

Reebok Realflex Men’s Minimalist Running Shoes Review

Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews Reebok Realflex for Men

Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews found that Reebok Realflex Men’s is one of the most sought after shoes now because of Reebok’s quality claims that it stands by. They have almost perfected nature in its finest. The price itself is not that bad at all – most of these sell for $70 – $100. The design is simple yet elegant.

The latest innovation from Reebok has made it possible for us to enjoy different types of exercise without having to worry so much about getting an ankle or foot injury. Why? The low-cut design of the Reebok Realflex shoes makes sure that your foot movement will be as natural as it gets while still providing the proper support.

If you come to think of it, not everybody is a hardcore runner or exercise buff. There are so many people who are at risk for injuries when they begin training and could wind up ultimately becoming discouraged from training.

But with the Reebok Realflex transition Training shoe, the risk of getting injured is almost next to impossible.

This assurance of getting maximum protection is what Reebok is proud of because almost each bone and muscle’s movements can almost be mimicked by all the Reebok Realflex cross training shoes.

For those who are adamant about getting one of the best cross training shoes now, then don’t miss out on the Reebok Realflex Men’s Transition Training Shoe.


  1. Made from polyester mesh which means that cleaning the shoes will be very simple.
  2. For extra cushioning on the inside, there is an option for a removable ortholite sockliner or not.
  3. A bit more cushion for added comfort in wearing their shoes with socks.
  4. Natural foot movement with 76 individual flex nodes that make sure your feet will get the best protection and comfort.
  5. Best high abrasion rubber outsole is used for durability of the Reebok Men’s Realflex TransitionTraning shoe.
  6. You are sure that you get the best quality for the $70-$100 price range.


  • The idea of almost running barefoot with natural movement has been scientifically perfected.
  • With each landing of your feet to the ground, you will feel the difference
  • Allows greatest comfort and precise movements of each muscle.
  • Easier for the back part of each foot when running downhill
  • Reebok Realflex unique heel protection with a little flex squares that provides utmost support and stability.
  • Combination of sleek design, comfort and protection is perfect for beginners or experts.


  • Be sure to wear extra thick socks in the winter as the cushion and design of the shoes are not for frequent use during winter.
  • Sometimes small stones get stuck in the sole when running in parks or trails.
  • There are also some issues of it being a bit slippery on a smooth surface.