Injuries with Minimalist Running Shoes?

Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews Finds Less Injury with Minimalist Shoes

Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews researched running related injuries using minimalist running shoes vs. conventional running shoes and found some very interesting, though not completely surprising information.

Traditionally, we have known that wearing cushioned shoes for running or other athletic activities was always the best choice for reduced impact and stress on the foot and heel.

The latest scientific evidence though has discovered quite the opposite in that a more minimalist approach works better with man’s physiological stride and has been most beneficial in reducing running related injuries.

The minimalist running approach has become quite popular for experienced runners and novices alike. More efficient effort and decreased stress on the rear foot and heel are changing the way people are looking at the minimalist running style.

Minimalist Running Style Revolutionary

Studies show that the more natural, shorter strides used in minimalist running help the brain to make a better evaluation of striking and leaving the ground as we run. The brain receives better feedback from the muscles through the nervous system in a way that reduces the stress on the bones, muscles, joints and tendons.

The minimalist running motion reduces the stress on the heel and tendons as we land through the mid-foot and fore foot which is the natural motion of barefoot running without a cushion. The padded heel in most running shoes causes undue stress on the rear portion of the foot and can result in greater injuries.

Minimalist runners worldwide have been experiencing an awakening to this more natural form of running. Due to the conventional running style most runners have been using over the years, their body muscles, joints has become conditioned  to this style.

Their brainwave feedback is different as they must undergo some re-conditioning to this new style of running thus it is best to transition to the minimalist running style gradually.

One way to do this is to alternate between minimalist shoes and conventional shoes until you can finally adapt to the change.

Another way to transition is by selecting hybrid versions of the minimalist running shoes such a Merrell Trailglove or New Balance Minimus.

These shoes have a slightly thicker heel and little but more cushion on the insole which make for a great transition shoe allowing your muscles to better adapt to the changes.

We do not insist on making the change to the minimalist style as many people may have previous conditions with their feet or legs that would not allow them to make such a change.

Here at minimalist running shoes reviews we can only make the suggestion to try the minimalist approach based on our latest findings but you should always consult your physician before making any sudden changes to your running style.

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