K Swiss Tubes Minimalist Running Shoes Review

Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews K Swiss Tubes

Looking for a shoe that will definitely transform your runs and jogs in to a comfortable walk in the park? Then K Swiss tubes run 100 women’s running shoe is just what you should be ordering. These shoes are specifically made for running and have amazing features to ensure that your feet are well cushioned, supported and protected from danger.

To add on to the advantages, the k swiss tubes are not only comfortable but they also look good and are bound to fetch you compliments from your colleagues and peers. Designed especially for running, the shoes have good cushioning, are light weight, have pads on the ankle collar and great traction to ensure the runner gets the most efficient workout.

As mentioned earlier, the k swiss tubes have quite a number of features that all synchronize to ensure that your feet are well protected and feel comfortable enough.

Features of the K Swiss tubes run 100 running shoe:

1) Has flex groove patterns on the outside of the shoe
2) Has a synthetic upper that is breathable
3) Has an EVA midsole and AOSTA II rubber as the outsole
4) Has dimensions of 11×7.5×5 inches and weight of 2.5 pounds
5) Has full length cylinders
6) Has padded collars with the Achilles heels notch
7) Has stay-tied laces that can not get undone and trip the runner
8) Look good


  • K swiss tubes provide perfect heel to toe transition for the runner
  • The full length cylinder provide maximum comfortability, support and flexibility to the runner
  • The stay tied laces ensure that the runner does not trip over them while running
  • The synthetic upper allows the foot to stay cool and prevent cases of sweaty moist feet
  • The dimensions and weight make the shoes light enough for running comfortably
  • The flex groove provides good grip making the run a hole lot easier
  • Quite flexible providing adequate support to the feet such that the wearer does not tire quickly
  • Provide maximum support and protection to the feet owing to the padded collars and the Achilles heel n.
  • Very durable giving complete value for the money spent on them
  • Have good pronation control.
  • Cheap and easily found in most stores


  • Can wear out fast if not properly taken care of
  • Available in a limited number of colors
  • Can be uncomfortable if one does not get the correct size
  • The upper is less durable than the sole

With the K Swiss Tubes Run 100 Women’s Running Shoe, all your morning and evening runs are bound to be less tiring and definitely will not result in painful ankles and heels. Even better is that the shoes are also perfect for working environments such as hospitals where one has to spend an awful amount of time on their feet.

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