What Do We Mean By Minimalist Running Shoes?

Minimalist Running Shoes Almost Barefoot

The idea of minimalist running shoes was inspired by the book Born To Run by Christopher Mcdougall who spent time in Mexico with the Tarahumara Indians studying their natural ability to run hundreds of miles without rest or injury. He discovered that the shorter strides used by the Indians when running concentrated more on the forefoot and midfoot while reducing contact with the heel and its associated pain and injury.

Any style of minimalist footwear is designed to help deliver a more natural running experience. Minimalist footwear has developed a widespread following in the past couple of years due to at least two primary reasons:

Minimalist running shoe design helps you to shift contact to your forefoot and midfoot (away from the heel) when running or walking.

Minimalist footwear involves shorter, quicker strides that can help create better propulsion and natural shock absorption.

So basically, minimalist footwear is designed to help promote athletic as well as day-to-day activities in the most natural form possible, like living barefoot and natural the way nature intended.

Minimalist Running Shoes Wins Hands Down Over Conventional Footwear

In our Minimalist running shoes reviews, we discovered some important differences from conventional footwear. Minimalist footwear promotes the concept of running barefoot. Running barefoot helps you come down on your forefoot and midfoot instead of your heel, as you would experience with the longer strides you take with conventional footwear.

This results in a better and more efficient energy transfer, subsequently reducing the impact on your feet, ankles, and knees while strengthening foot muscles. Seeing is believing and for most people all it takes is a trial run to convince them this was the better choice for their feet and their entire body overall.

Minimalist running shoes not only offer physical benefits to your entire lower and upper body but they also leave you feeling completely natural and “closer to the Earth” as most Tree Huggers might say. Many customers claim they get the feeling of touching the rocks and ground with their bare feet is like running barefoot as a child once again.

Minimalist running footwear is something many people still discuss as well as the topic of whether minimalist running is of any real benefit or whether it is just a lot of hype.

Here at Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews, we realize that making these changes doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change your ways, but from many other comments and discussions of people that have tried the minimalist shoes, the footwear has helped them have a better outlook overall on their daily life.

Getting Started in Minimalist Shoes

At minimalist running shoes reviews, almost everyone we asked about their experience with minimalist footwear, gave the response that you should give yourself some time to break in to this new type of footwear as it is quite a departure from the standard, conventional footwear we are all used to.

All footwear gives you some cushion or space between you and the ground. Once you put on the minimalist footwear, you are suddenly transported to another dimension you could say, but a very pleasant dimension, to a different place and time.

Most of us have grown up buying athletic shoes with conventional footwear design for arch support and cushion between the soles of our feet and the ground. Minimalist footwear design changes the old concept completely and brings us closer to nature and the way it was intended for our bodies to move.

As with anything else, there is period of adjustment required until your body can conform to the changes so you need to “wear them in” as they say for a little while to make the proper changes. As you become more comfortable with the different fit and feel, you will begin working the footwear into your workout routine gradually. Stretch properly to limber up your muscles and eventually your speed and endurance will improve over time.

Which brand and style of minimalist footwear is right for you? Check out all our selections and choose from our most popular designs to see which one best matches your needs.

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